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What is Barbam's Ladies eyebrow growth serum?

Barbams Ladies eyebrow growth serum is a unique product on our market that enables faster growth and better quality of your eyebrows, and it is special because it enhances new hairs in places where they do not grow. If you’ve been wondering how to have better eyebrow growth naturally or how to make your eyebrows thicker – the answer is – Barbam’s Ladies Elixir. It is made of a complex of vitamins and natural oils and extracts.

Thick and shaped eyebrows are not only a matter of trend, but also a way to give our face a unique, specific and more natural expression. You must have encountered problems such as thin eyebrows, holes in this region or your eyebrows simply do not grow in some parts, which is a normal phenomenon due to the specific structure of the skin on this part of the face. We have a solution!

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How does Barbam's Elixir work?

Based on natural ingredients responsible for faster hair growth and their quality, Barbam’s Ladies Elixir has a visible improvement in a short period of time when it comes to hair growth in the eyebrow area and an increase in their density. With the daily use of the serum, twice a day, in just one month your eyebrows will begin to transform. With simple and quick application, without complicated treatments and procedures! Thanks to the active ingredients and practical application, Barbam’s Ladies eyebrow serum is a more than effective product for rapid eyebrow growth, which will give you the look you’ve been dreaming about.

The Elixir works by additionally feeding the already existent hairs, but also making new and waking up the sleeping baby follicles! This is how new hairs are formed on the eyebrows and the already existent ones become more dense and stronger!

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How should you use Barbam's Elixir eyebrow growth serum?

Using Barbam’s Ladies Elixir Eyebrow Serum is very simple and won’t take much time during the day. It is enough to put 2-3 drops of serum on your fingertips and gently massage them into your eyebrows, twice a day(the best option would be morning and evening). After applying the serum, for the next four hours, do not wash your eyebrows, put on make-up, or apply any cosmetic products in order to not reduce the effect of the product. Also, the specified amount of serum is sufficient for each individual application, there is no need to apply more than three drops, because it will not contribute to a better effect.


How much time is needed to see results?

“The first results of applying Barbam’s Ladies Elixir serum are already visible after 3-4 weeks if the product is used regularly. The full effect is achieved within 3-4 months from the start of application.”

The condition of your eyebrows, as well as specific problems in this region (whether it is thinning of the eyebrows, or they simply do not grow, whether you have visible thinning, i.e. holes in a certain part of the eyebrows and similar) also play a part in the effectiveness of the product.

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